Hello! My name is Ritchie Cruz and I am a humble graphic & web designer. Instead of giving you a long bio, I've decided to give you a little insight of "who I am" through pictures and graphics… what I live for, what I love, what I like, who I admire, what I enjoy doing and most importantly, some of my dreams.

Now for the rest… my daughter has changed my life forever and I'm enjoying every minute of fatherhood. I'm a simple man to understand. I love Jesus, my wife, my daughter and design. I also enjoy basketball, cooking/grilling and the Nike brand too.

I have a philosophy and it is to always be a student of design. I believe every good designer must continuously evolve and strive to be the best. I'm always interested in learning so I can get better at my craft. I am a passionate and a hard-working designer. I appreciate, respect and get inspired from various aspects of art and design. One of my personal strengths is being able to adapt to any style of design and not just what I enjoy the most. Whether the project is delivered in print, creating a brand or design for web, I just love what I do.

“Don't try to be original just try to be good.”

-Paul Rand

*DISCLAIMER: Most of the images and photographs are not done, created or shot by me with the exception of the pictures of the breathtaking little girl and woman... And that crazy beagle too.